Columns to row

Hello! This is my first! I try to find in the forum but i haven’t found it.
I’ve an excel table with 15 columns and several rows.

First three columns are about products (shop, product_code and description_product), the other 12 if about each month ( January, February, etc).

In each cell i have the new facturation for one specific product in this month (column). The problem is i want to transform to something like a this:

Only 5 columns.

shop, product_code, description_product, month, value

It’s something transform columns to rows. For example:

        Shop   Product         Description    January    February ....
         1        ABC              Glasses A.     5000 $.      6000 $
         2         BCD             Iphone.          2500$.    3700 $ 

To this one

        Shop   Product         Description    Month       ValueJ
         1        ABC              Glasses A.     January      5000 $
         1        ABC              Glasses A.     February     6000 $
         2        BCD              Iphone.         January      2500 $
         2        BCD            Iphone.           February     3700 $

I’ve tried with column aggregator (list) and ungroup… but it’s not working


Use Unpivot node.