Combination of string with geocoordinates in a text file for Google Maps


i have following listed geocoordinates
2022-04-20 18_53_10-Filtered table - 0_861 - Column Filter
and need them in a textfile with follow format:

The text passages marked in color must also be inserted at the beginning and end.
After the @ there is always the last geo-coordinate.

With which nodes can this be done?

Thx in advance!


  1. You can combine all the coordinate strings with a GroupBy node, aggregating the entire table (no grouping column) with the "unique concatenate" method using "/" as separator.
  2. Then a String Manipulator with "join()" adds the purple static strings on both ends.
  3. Since the last coordinate tuple is the same as the first one, maybe you can extract it with a Table Row to Variable node, append the “@” in front, then feed it into the String Manipulator as Flow Variable?

If a text based description isn’t enough, I can cook something up, no problem, but I need you to share the input table with me. There’s no way I’m gonna type all that :wink:


Hi @Thyme ,

thx for your qucik response.
Works perfect.

I had already tried the GroupBy node, but with the Group Columns. I always thought this was a required field. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Next I tried using a chunk loop and string manipulation but didn’t work.

Many greetings

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