combine both digit and alphabet for association mining process

Hi , I am new to Knime and Ineed your help with my project…

I initially have a raw data like this :

then, i used category to number node to insert number value to each, like this :


I want to combine it both so that I can continue the association mining process, this is my desired output :

How should i do it? May I ask, which node i should use? Thankyou so much !!!

Here’s an example workflow, which I think does what you’re asking:

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Hi @KainLittleCloth ,

You can use the Cell Replacer to do this. The Cell Replacer allows you to replace based on a dictionary/mapper.

The challenge is to replace multiple “words” in the same cell. You can break them down by playing around with GroupBy/Ungroup.

Something like this will work:



Here’s the workflow: Replace mapped value for association mining process.knwf (15.7 KB)


For this particular case, I would recommend to look at example below

Dictionary tagger could be skipped and String manipulation node needs to be added to replace comas by spaces.
Just 5 nodes to get result.


@izaychik63 @elsamuel Thankyou so much for your reply!! But I don’t have knime extension so i couldn’t use one of the node stated in your solutions…

But managed to the get solution proposed by @bruno29a !! Thankyou very much for your help!!!

To get extension installed, download example and open (double-click) it in KNIME. KNIME will ask you if you want to install missing extension. Good luck.

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