Combined authentication WebPortal LDAP & Database possible?


I desperately need authentication with the KNIME Server. We would like to use AD-LDAP, but only for password verification. For organizational reasons, role management cannot be done in AD. Is it possible to separate the Auth? I have changed the user management to Oracle, but I still don’t want to establish an additional password. I have also experimented with JWT, but this does not work for an Auth via the WebPortal (or does it?), but only via REST.

Do any of you have an idea?

Thx and kind regards,

Did you have the chance to look into the latest OpenID Connect Authentication?

You could make use of an identity provider for user authentication and do user-group-assignments with the internal h2 user DB.

Many thanks for the information! I have looked at the whole thing once, but for that another service would be necessary, which would not be so easy to realize again.