combining 2 rows

I want to combine rows where LOCNO1 is equal to LOCNO. For example , I want to combinr row 1 and row 5 because LOCNO1(4859) in row 1 is equal to LOCNO(4859) in row 5 and show the result as 4847_4859_114.

How can I do this using Knime?

Hi Abhisha,

You should be able to do this with a combination of the joiner node (left outer join, joining on LOCNO and LOCNO1) and the string manipulation node (to combine strings). However, you will need to decide on what to do in cases where there are multiple matches between LOCNO1 and LOCNO. The result for your example could either be 4847_4859_114 or 4847_4859_8860.

Does that make sense?

Kind regards,


Yush could you please share a workflow for the same?sample.xlsx (8.8 KB)