Combining and splitting columns

Splitter and Joiner are not inverses of each other.


"Split & Combine" contains a node called "Splitter" and a node called "Joiner".  However, these are not inverses of each other.  Splitter cannot allow columns to appear in both "top" and "bottom" outputs.  Joiner requires a joining column.  In fact, it appears that it very difficult to remove a column or set of columns, perform an operation, and then add those columns back to my table, because there is no way to duplicate a column in both tables!


Thoughts?  Am I missing something obvious?  Thanks as always.

Hi, if you want to have two tables with some of the same columns in both tables then simply connect two column filter nodes to your data set.

joiner node doesn't necessarily need a joining column. You can join them back together using the rowid. If the rowids are not the same in the two tables then you can reset the rowids in both tables using the rowid node. Then you can join them back up together using the joiner node.

that way it is very easy to rejoin columns back into your table.


Works perfectly, as you described.  Thanks for the pointer to the RowID node!  Bill