Combining excels files with different columns to one file

Hello team,
Huge thanks to all the contributors here, you guys rock!
I have a workflow that outputs five xlsx files which have different data structures and column headers. However, I would like to combine all of it in one file (not sheets).

My aim is to create a new column header as a grouping variable for each file (for instance countries, A,B…E) and somehow combine all the datasets together. I have tried the concatenate node but it only takes 2 inputs and does not actually get the work done.

This is my current (three) workflows any inputs is highly appreciated. Thanks

Concatenate nodes allow multiple inputs if you add additional input ports (right click on the node),
If you read data with loops you can “allow changing table specifications” in the loop end node which allows different column structures when combining files.
hope that gets you started
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