Combining output of 2 nodes and appending rows

I have a workflow where Node 1 output has column name(with 25 rows) and months 1-20 listed as columns. Node 2 output has a column name(with 15 rows) and months 1-15 listed as columns. 

I would like a node that combines Node 1 and Node 2 by appending rows. Then i would like to apply group by to add values for months 1-15 where column name matches. 

I tried using join by row id which appends columns. Is there another way to append rows.



Wouldn't it be better to concatenate the two tables, so the columns will be aligned. Then when you use the groupby node afterwards, they will then be aligned on the same row.  You may need to create a new column first using the rowid node on the two tables, so you have a column which has their rowid identifier for using with the groupby node.

If this doesn't work for you, can you explain why you are looking for an alternative to the joiner node.


Thanks. A little bit of data manipulation and concatenate worked for me.