Combining tables of different sizes (one with monthly data and one with quarterly data)

Good day.

I’m hoping someone here can help me.

I’m new to Knime and I’m excited to get into the world of using Knime to do some ML and AI work.

The issue I’m running into is that my input data is monthly data and my output/target data is quarterly.
Combining these 2 datasets is proving to be a challenge since I don’t have the same number of rows in the 2 data sets and I can’t seem to combine them.

Table 1 is my input data and table 2 is the target/output.
I would love to be able to put table 2’s value next to the every 3rd month of table 1 since that would be every quarter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Without actually trying, my approach would be to calculate the correct quarter in the monthly table (and ensure it looks like the values in the quarterly), add that as a new column and then join with the quarterly table, resulting in the monthly table with two additional columns: the quarter and the corresponding value.

Perhaps the VLookup node could be used too to get the value from the quarterly table, if you are on v5.1



I’ll have a look at this, thanks…

Hi Daniel @danielvorster

just like @ssq said. Please see my example of a possible implementation for this. I have created a similar dataset to yours & have put it on a knime workflow. Hope this helps!

Quarter_month_table_join.knwf (28.5 KB)


Thanks so much, appreciate it

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