Command Line Error Exit 2

I’ve read over numerous threads about challenges executing Knime projects from a command line. I have tried a number of different options including interchanging workflowDir and workflowFile. I picked up the path using the copy location option in Knime to make sure it’s correct. The path is encapsulated in double quotes to handle any spaces.

I’m on windows attempting to call it from both a command line and a batch file. Knime executes but always returns the same error indicating that either the workflow isn’t a file or the path isn’t a directory. I don’t have the option of running the command prompt as admin on this laptop, but Knime is executing fine so I don’t feel that’s the issue. I’ve read over the output Knime produces, but there isn’t enough there to determine how to resolve the issue.

Hoping to find a definitive solution having also read over the FAQs on the topic as well.

Can you share your command through which you want to trigger workflow execution via Bash mode? One of the main challenges, which one could easily fall victim to, is a partially executed workflow.

About Exit Code 2, which is why I am asking for the command of yours, is a typo. Please see:

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