command line execution error

I created a workflow and exported it in order to run it in batch mode while varying a parameter.  So I am running it many times with a different workflow variable.

Most of the times the workflow completes and produces the desired output, but some times I get the following error:

MESSAGE Error reading configuration: Unable to create lock manager.

Do you know od an explanation for this error message?  Can it be avoided in some way?

Thanks, Doug

This usually only happens if your workspace is on a filesystem that does not support locking (as the error message tells you). The only filesystems that may not support locking are network filesystem with locking turned off. You can try to pass the command arguments that are mentioned in the error message.

HI Doug, 

It's not clear why this is happening, but you may be able to work around it by adding the option: 

-Dosgi.locking=none to your command line execution.  

Give it a try and let us know how that does for you. 

I have this same issue on KNIME42. It’s installed on a compnay provided VM. The -Dosgi.locking=none option errors out as “unknown option”. I really need to figure out how to run my workflow from a schedule batch file so it’s completely hands off for this monthly process that loads a database used for analytics.

Any ideas on how to run the batch and close the windows when done. I am OK ignoring the errors with the --launcher.suppressErrrors option but my batch job never exits because of this error.