Community Just KNIME It! Challenges

I would like to throw a challenge. Let me know if the below makes sense.


We executed a survey to ask employees to rate themselves on a rating scale of 1-5 on different technologies/skills (n=36). Post completion of the survey, we got a database with employee IDs in rows and their rating against different skills in columns ( something like below)

We would like to analyze this data and present it in a list where we are providing primary, secondary, and tertiary skills combined together by these two methods.

  1. Primary skill can be defined as skills rated 5, Secondary skills rated 3 and 4 and tertiary skills are rated 2. The final list should appear like below.
  2. Top three skills as “Primary Skills”, Next five skills as “secondary Skills” and next 7 skills as “Tertiary skills”. There could be cases where an employee has not rated themselves more than 3 on any of the skill.

the database is stored here:
Survey data