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Share it with us and the KNIME community here in this thread! The KNIME team will then go through these challenges and pick a few that keep everyone on their toes! Have fun with KNIME and you might just see your name as an author of an official “Just KNIME It” challenge!


This isn’t an idea for a challenge so much as a suggestion to modify the process. These challenges are a great way for people to sharpen their skills with KNIME, but someone coming in late and wanting to catch up really can’t take full advantage because the initial description of past challenges already includes a description of the solution. How about posting only the description of the challenge on the just-knime-it page and add the “official” solution in the forum? You can include a link in the description that points to the solution once it’s posted.


Hi @Bytecrawler , I don’t think there is any “official” solution to any of these challenges.

First of all, there are various good ways to accomplish the same thing in Knime.

Secondly, the challenges are given within a background, and while the background itself is not part of the challenge and only serves to put the request of the challenge into context, some members like to also implement the context.

And thirdly, some of the challenges have a more vague context where some assumptions have to be made. These assumptions, even if different from different members, are all valid sometimes, meaning that the results might vary, depending on the assumptions made, but all of the results would be valid.

But I do agree that I would like to see all the Challenges in 1 page (perhaps sorted most recent first), and each of them pointing to their respective forum page for the solutions. It give everyone the change to re-visit them.


Thanks, Bruno. I was being a little tongue-in-cheek about “official” which was why I put it in quotes. My real point was to not include the description of the solution with the challenge or to hide it somehow so that people coming in late have the chance to figure it out themselves.


Thanks for all the feedback, folks! We’ll discuss it all internally soon. :slight_smile:


Hi KNIME Team. I have an idea for a challenge along with a few datasets.
The complexity is Medium rare :smiley:
Long story short:
F1 laps dataset
Distinguish between good pace and lap anomalies (mistakes, crashes, pit-stops)
Measure the % of good pace in each race for each driver
Measure the pace of a driver in a race excluding the anomalies
1.Variable to control the anomaly (5-10% deviation range)
2.Variable to control the % of completed laps to be classified as a good pace driver
1.Most consistent drivers of all times
2.Identify race winners
3.Identify the driver with the best pace during the race
4.Populate “fair winners vs unlucky losers” dataset


Woohoo! I like it! Will talk to our team. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would like to throw a challenge. Let me know if the below makes sense.


We executed a survey to ask employees to rate themselves on a rating scale of 1-5 on different technologies/skills (n=36). Post completion of the survey, we got a database with employee IDs in rows and their rating against different skills in columns ( something like below)

We would like to analyze this data and present it in a list where we are providing primary, secondary, and tertiary skills combined together by these two methods.

  1. Primary skill can be defined as skills rated 5, Secondary skills rated 3 and 4 and tertiary skills are rated 2. The final list should appear like below.
  2. Top three skills as “Primary Skills”, Next five skills as “secondary Skills” and next 7 skills as “Tertiary skills”. There could be cases where an employee has not rated themselves more than 3 on any of the skill.

the database is stored here:
Survey data


Very cool! Thanks for the idea!

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+1 to the suggestion. Took me hours to get the results, here’s a snippet:

Quite a learning curve.


@badger101 , a good way to tackle these kinds of problems is the Unpivoting node and the Groupby node. They can tackle these problems pretty quickly.

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I have an idea as well.

Determine a winning strategy for the game of “Super Six”

While I was playing this with my 8yr old daughter (of course she won!) I thought that it should be “doable” to mimic this game and determine a winning strategy with KNIME.

You can see how it goes plus a theoretical winning strategy in this video

I would consider this to be a medium to hard challenge.

Would love the community’s thoughts about it



Thanks for this idea @kowisoft !

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I agree with you @victor_palacios. However, a good solution lies in the minimum number of nodes usage and making it a more structured one. for me, it took hours and many nodes as well - the same goes with @badger101, it seems.

In fact, I was also contemplating if there is a way to know in a workflow

  • How many # of nodes have been used?

  • Frequency distribution of specific nodes used?

I think if we can have this capability, it would help us in identifying how optimized any given workflow is.

What do you think?

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I like this idea, thanks! Currently I don’t know of a way to do this, but I’ll keep this suggestion in mind!

And thank you for your KNIME challenge! We just posted it today~

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@victor_palacios & @alinebessa ,

I’d love to throw a challenge :melting_face:

I have here a dataset of >61,000 items comprising of a decade-long list of NY Times Bestseller books. My challenge revolves around using this dataset, and you can access it and read the details here.

Yours truly,


Wow! That is a challenge! We will definitely look into this. Thanks~

Wow! There’s soooo much that can be done here! We’ll look into it for sure. Stay tuned! :wink:


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No worries. Just throwing out something as a backup just in case you guys ran out of ideas. :ok_hand: