Community Server missing in KNIME Explorer pane (3.4).

I had some problems upgrading from KNIME 3.3 to 3.4. On mac only, some of the new nodes were missing from the repository (e.g. audio) even though they were installed and were taking up hard drive space.

This has happened before, and the solution was to download the "all included" installer and re-install from scratch. I did this and all the missing nodes appeared.

But then I noticed that the KNIME Community Server is missing from the KNIME Explorer pane. Local workspace is still visable.

Clicking on the "Mount KNIME Cloud Server" link on the Welcome page opens a window with a blank list of servers to choose from.

On Linux and Win, when I click this link there is a list 'ServerSpace, Community Server, TeamSpace' to choose from. Selecting 'Community Server' from this list mounts the Examples server in the Explorer pane. But with Mac, there is nothing to select.

Any suggestions on getting this to work on mac?

(the other) Simon


Hi Simon,

could you check for me the Installation Details (under Help-> Installation Details)

Is there a KNIME Public Server Access item installed?


Best, Iris 

No, only a "Lhasa public plugin" when I search for "public".

(the other) Simon

Hi Simon,

than you need to install it.

Cheers, Iris