Community Server support

Hi there,

is there some direct community server support available somewhere?


Hi @kowisoft

Depends on what you call direct. As in a consultancy? There is a dedicated server board on this forum where people can post question regarding the server.

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Basically more when it comes to login problems.

I should have access but somehow it throws a bunch of strange errors.

If you are a paying customer then KNIME support is better for that I’d say. KNIME Customer Support | KNIME

Otherwise the forum is the place to be.

Hi @kowisoft

Are your talking about our new KNIME Community Server, which @ScottF published yesterday?
If yes, you can reach out to @ScottF or to support as mentioned by @ArjenEX and we will help you with the login.

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Hi Philipp -

I got your email and will respond offline :slight_smile: