Community Server

What is the KNIME Community Server? Is it the same as the paid KNIME Server?

Tried to explore by connecting but an error is encountered logging in (using my forum credentials). An image of the error is attached. The details also said:
"Login failed for user '<username>': User '<username>' is not allowed to log in.: User is not in the list of allowed login groups."

Hi marcellusmontilla,

That is a Server for the developer community. The community contributors use that server for testing purposes. For more info, please take a look here: 

If you are looking for example workflows built in KNIME Analytics Platform, I would suggest you to take a look at the workflows available in the EXAMPLES Server which is a public server that allow you to browse through the workflows, download them, and edit them in your LOCAL workspace. If you want to learn more about this, please take a look here:

Hope that helps,