Compact tables and other table modes

It appears KNIME uses the DataTables component to display tables in the webportal (correct?). One of the capabilities of the component is “compact” mode. Please see Default styling options .

The default table has rather tall row heights and isn’t ideal for some scientific applications, and it would be nice if an option would be provided to access this compact mode. Also the no-wrap mode would also be useful.
(I’m guessing these options are not available via CSS?)


Hey Don,

you are right, we are using the DataTable library for the table view and table editor node.
The compact mode is nothing we support at the moment and is also not part of the css we currently provide. I will have a closer look to find out why this is the case. Nevertheless, I agree that this would be a useful feature for the table view node.
We are currently reworking our table view node and I will put this feature on our list, but I doubt that it will make it into the first version of the new node.



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