Compare and Merge

Hi every one,

i have 2 XLS fliles, i want to Compare and merge them without to have redundant information.


Please How i can do that with Knime?

Thx for your Help

 as Example :

  Name Tel Adress Work-Telefon
1 Michael 0123 Germany 4321
2 YX 1023 England 0110
  name postcode adress Work-Telefon
1 Michael 78945 Germany 7888-- i need also to know that work-telefon number is Changed
2 YYX X1524 England 0110





Hi Jafar,

there was a similar question which i made an example workflow for:

You should be able to adapt this for your problem, you just need to add another Rule Engine node to check whether data has changed.

Hope that helps.