Compare content of few columns with string

Hi to all,


I have a number of columns, where values can be "yes"  or Null. I need to create column with "yes" value in case where one of values in this columns equal to "yes". I try to use "Java snippet" node with code:

String kompressiya;


if (($Kompressiya_Kompressionnye_binty_levaya_noga$.equals("yes"))|
($Kompressiya_Kompressionnyj_trikotazh_2_klassa_pravaya_noga$.equals("yes"))) {
return kompressiya;
I see only Null values in created column and I know that there ara rows with "yes" value in this columns.
Are there any errors? May be I can use another node?
Thank you,

You can use the rule engine node to achieve this.


However, this should also work in the Java Snippet node. If you use the #equals-method your pattern must exactly match, case-sensitive or leading or trailing spaces. Try $column$.trim().equalsIgnoreCase("yes") instead.

Thank you, Simon. It's work fine