Compare content of multiple columns in pairs of two

Hello all,

I think this Task is not that hard to solve, but I am not able to find a solution.

I have the following issue:
I have 2 Excel files which have the same structure, meaning the have the same amount of columns (not rows) and the Header of the columns is also the same. I want to compare the content of the same columns from the two files, if it is the same or not.

Therefore I upload the Excel files and join both. As a first result, I get a table which contains every column twice (one from the first file and the other one from the second file). As the column headers are the same, I have one column with the original Header and one with the Extension ‘(#1)’. So far so good, because then I can sort them and I have all the “column pairs” next to each other. But here comes the point, where I dont know how to proceed further. How can I now compare the columns in pairs of two?

Maybe this example helps to understand the Situation better:


In this case, I want to compare the content of all rows in column A with column A (#1), from column B with column B (#1), column C with column C (#1) and so…

My idea was, to split the whole table with a loop into 2 columns and then compare These two columns. But I didnt find a way, how I can do that, without specifying the column names everytime. So basicaly I am Looking for something like: Take Column 1 and 2 and compare, then take column 3 and 4 and compare and so on…

I hope someone can help me here :slight_smile:

Hi @Dennis6713
Did you check the Table Validator (Reference) node?

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Hi @Dennis6713,

did you have any progress regarding your task or you still need help?

Edit: Here is a topic this was discussed and example workflow for above comparison provided.


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