Compare Data to Row AND Column (countifs)


Hopefully I’m right here with this… I have a list like this: // why on earth isn’t it possible in this forum to add tables??)

date name result
1.1.23 pierre success
1.1.23 bernd success
2.1.23 pierre error1
2.1.23 bernd success
2.1.23 pierre success
3.1.23 bernd error1
3.1.23 pierre success
3.1.23 pierre success
… … …

and I would need the results that would count the results per day per name

for success
name 1.1.23 2.1.23 3.1.23 4.1.23
pierre 1 1 2
bernd 1 1 0

in excel it would be countifs for name (row) and date (column) but how could this be done here?



If you replace success and error with 1 and zero it looks like a pivot table (group by name, pivot date and sum/count the result column


true, unfortunately - what my example didn’t describe enough - i got more than 2 Status per Day and per Object.

I have 9 possible results that can occur per day per system even multiple times and would need a perspective for each possible result per object per day…

So basically a count in 3 dimensions + the way to compare them easily.

currently I can only create a huge excel per day and object and have to do this for each status… But this creates so much calculation-effort on Excel side … is slow, and basically dumb…

anyone with a hint, how I could attack that in Knime (hopefully somewhat elegant)



Not sure if I understand correctly but playing around with the aggregation type of the pivot might help. Pivot also supports list type which then can be transformed in additional nodes

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