Compare hours of day with another variable

Hello! Very new to knime and just getting the hang of it, just wanted to ask something. So I have a data set that contains the year, month, day, hours as 4 different variables. It starts at 2010 Jan 1 0h and ends after exactly 2 years. Theres also another variable called PM2.5(Haze) levels. How do I compare the average haze levels to the hour of the day? I want to display my data in such that I know when these levels are at the highest, maybe at the 12th houur or the 1st hour of the day. How can I do this? I was able to extract the day of the week though and compare it to the average haze levels

Hi @FiidisksDiduui, welcome to the forum.

The first thing that comes to mind is using the GroupBy node: group by your hour column, and aggregate your haze level column using average.

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It worked. Thanks for the help! @elsamuel

@elsamuel is there a way I can present this information in like a bar graph? Like each hour has a bar to represent its average pm2.5 levels?

Have you already tried any of the Bar Chart nodes?