Compare rows in one column

Hello again :)

I am working with groups and loops. There is a restriction that a group of data can only be handled by a workflow if all rows withing group have the same value in one column. If they differe they sholud be filtered out or splitted to antoher node.


Col1 Groupkey Important_Col
<Testdata> 1 N
<Testdata> 1 N
<Testdata> 1 N
<Testdata> 1 Y
<Testdata> 1 N

In the example shown above the Important_Col has more then 1 Value (There is an Y and N) and it should be filtered out.

I am not able to use the shifted note because do not know how many rows each group has.

Maybe use the Java node? I have totally no inspiration how to solve this.

Has anyone a good idea or how to start?

Thank you very much for your time.


do you want to filter all rows from this table or only the Y ones? 

Hi Iris,

I would like to filter all rows.

Ah this is pretty nice.

I use the groupby to calculate the number of unqiue values per group. Than I use the row filter to have only those with 1 unique value. And finally you can split the table in two with the reference column filter.

Please see the attached workflow.

Best, Iris

Wow. Iris you are clever :)

This is exactly what I needed. A small modification was necessary but that´s it.

I owe you a beer in Stuttgart :)

Be careful what you promise, I am just around the corner in Heidelberg :-)

I will take the risk of promising one beer :D