Compare Sets

Hi I want to know how to solve in KNIME a set compare like in JAVA.

I have 2 columns from Type Collection AggregatedValues

AggregatedValuesSet1 AggregatedValuesSet2 samesets
[world, hello] [hello, world] true
[knime] [hello, world] false

How to solve this? Is there a way to do this with java snippet?

Thank you.

Hi @Mink,

yes, you can do it using the Java Snippet node. I attached an example workflow.


set_compare.knwf (17.6 KB)

Ok nice thank you and how is this possible to combine with the joiner node ?
these sets are in different table and only the same sets should match.

Hi @Mink,

in the Joiner node you can just use the column containing the Set as joining column. Did you create your collections using the Create Collection Column node? If so, in the configuration of the Create Collection Column node you can specify the Collection type to be a Set under the Column Selection.

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