Compare tables and insert values

I am still a beginner in Knime and am trying desperately to solve the following problem:

i have two tables. In the first table, there are different measuring points in the individual columns.

In the second table, some of the measurement points are in no particular order.

I would now like to compare the tables and determine how the values ​​from the second table should be inserted into the first table so that as many measuring points from table 1 as possible are covered.

I hope you understand my problem and thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum Marc,
to get help it makes sense to also upload sample data and (e.g also a screenshot on what you want to accomplish) That makes it easier for the community to help you out


In general, it sounds like you would want to start with the Joiner node. It is used to find matches and differences between table rows.

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