Compare Timestamps from different databases

So, I have two different databases:

1st database includes timestamps in the following format:


12.Nov. 2009



2nd database includes timestamps in the same format:




Both, have a common identifier column which is a serial number.

I want to check if headerStartDate is included in the column Purchase_date if not to  ADD IT to the Purchase date.

I tried to Join the two databased based on the serial number but because are huge (80million*3) it loads forever.

Could you please advice me how to solve my issue? any clever idea?


So your goal is to have one list, with the set of the two dates?

I would use the Reference Row Splitter for this. It would get the HeaderStartDate as first table and the Purchase_date as second inport.

Afterwards, the top port contains those elements from the header start date which are included in the purchase date. The second outport contains the elements which are not in the purchase date. This you can than add e.g. using the concatenate node to the purchase_date table.

Please let me know if this was working for you.


Best regards, Iris