Compare two data sets and generate a table with difference

I have two data sets that I want to compare and at the end I want to generate a table with the difference. How best I can do this?. Within those two data sets, some of the columns are same and some not.

Data tables are like this
Data set A:
Data set B:
image .
Basically I want to see that If a property has disconnected status in data set A, it should not be present in data set B. If it’s present then generate a table with those property name, no, area, Tax.

Use Nominal Value Row Filter to filter Disconnected and use Joiner on fields Area and No
to get final result


@izaychik63 Thanks For you reply. I used these two nodes. In joiner I used left outer joiner, but it’s giving me more rows than what I have in Data Table A.

You need to use regular join.

@izaychik63 sorry I couldn’t understand. We have 4 choices in joiner type. Lest outer, Right outer, Full outer and Inner. Which one I choose?

Just to mention, In real problem, data A has approx. rows and data B has 18000. Left Outer is giving me around 15000 rows.

You need to use Inner join.

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