Compare two tables and generate a new one

Dear all,

I have a problem with the comparison.
I want to compare two table 1 (has 1000 rows) with table 2(has 15000rows) then generate a new table contains all the columns of the table1 PLUS a specific column from a table 2

I want to compare the Column A of table 1 with the COLUMN A of table2 if they have the same row value or “LIKE”

Table 1 (my reference table)
A | B
x | L
j | d
jjjj | d

Table 2 (to be compared)
A | B | link
x | f |
c | d2 |
j | d6 |
d | f |

Table 3 result:
A | B | link
x | L |
j | d |


Hi @Mokrani -

You can use the Joiner node for this. See the attached workflow.



JoinerExample.knwf (5.1 KB)