Compare two tables of different row length

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I have the following problem: I have a table 1 with n rows containing some numerical values, call them R, and I have a table 2 with N rows containing some numerical values, call them S. It is n<N.

Now I want to compare every R_j of table 1 with the N values in S and for some criteria, say R_j < S_i, I want to add a flag such that I have a resulting table which looks for example like this

S_1 | 0
S_2 | 1
S_3 | 0

I am trying to build a loop which goes n times through table 2 and compares R_j with every S. But I don’t get it done. So, please help!

Thanks a lot!

Hi @APP and welcome to the KNIME community
Have you already tried the ‘Cross Joiner’ node?


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@gonhaddock Aha! Thanks a lot. This looks very good! I am a little bit afraid that this might need prohibitively much computing time. As we are talking about N=c.30.0000 and n=c.300. But let’s give it a try.

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