compare "unique concatenate with count" of a Groupby function

Dear KNIME community,

I have a specific question for a Groupby function with a “unique concatenate with count” option.

Here my very simple dataset example: i have a variable {apple} with 3 different types, each of them having 3 colours in a variable {apple_color}. These are summarised in a Groupby function:

{apple}, {unique concatenate with count*(apple_colors)}
Sweet: green(2), red(1), yellow(3)
Honey: green(1), red(4), yellow(1)
Sour: green(5), red(1), yellow(2)

So, what would like to have is to: return unique concatenate COLOR groups, but only where COUNT (which is in brackets) is at MAX, meaning I will need the following result:

{apple}, {unique concatenate with count*(apple_colors)}
Sweet: yellow
Honey: red
Sour: green

Thank you very in advance!!!

Hi @Milovanova

There is a way I think I can fix it. But that’s without a GroupBy node. I used a Pivot node. See this example: pivot_groupby.knwf (28.7 KB)
Hope this helps.

gr. Hans


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