Compare values and report on deviation


I am sorry if this is a simple query to answer but I have only been using Knime for about a week.  The tool seems simple enough, but I am a bit stuck on how to get some meaningful results from the tables I have created.

I am trying to report or at least create a Red/Amber/Green report on spending trends of customer.  I have formated the information and created the values by ID but I wanted to see of there was an easy way to identify if a customer spending trend changes.

Example below:  ID in 1 column and spend in the next for 2013-2014


ID Spend
(ID 01008) 39.04
(ID 01012) 127.0

The I have a 2014-15 table 

D Spend
(ID 01008) 3.5
(ID 01012) 155.67

Is this something that is easy to do? 

Hi wili,

I would use two nodes: First join the two tables on the ID. Now you have one table with previous and current spend. Than use the Rule Engine to generate the Red/Amber/Green.

$Spend$ < $Spend (#1)$ => "RED"
$Spend$ > $Spend (#1)$ => "Green"
TRUE => "Amber"

Cheers, Iris

Thanks Iris,

I'll give it a go.