Comparing column header with an existing template

Hello community,


first of all, I am quite new at KNIME. Just working with it for one year. Now, I have a task, I am not able to solve without any help. Maybe you can give me some good hints?


I have kinda data pool with multiple .xlsx-files (with different and inconsistent names). I want to create a KNIME workflow with a permanent loop over this folder to writeall of the necessary information of those Excel-files into a database. I have done it with a "List File"-Node and a "Generic Loop Start" ... So the loop works quite good to me...So far so good.

But in this folder, there are multiple, different processes which has to be written in different database tables (.xlsx-files) and I need to figure out which database table is the right to write the data in. For example:


xlsx-file A: FILE1 --> database table 1 (Process 1)

xlsx-file B: FILE2 --> database table 2 (Process 2)

xlsx-file C: FILE3 --> database table 1 (Process 1)


The only way to find a consistent way to write the data in the correct database table could be based on a comparison of the column header. I want to check the column header out of a table (read with the XLS-Reader). For example and in addition to the upper case:


FILE1: column header: A, B, C, D

FILE2: column header: A, B, D, E, F

FILE3: column header A, B, C, D

I don't find a way to realise this with KNIME. Is there any option to solve my problem?


If you would share your knowledge with me, I would be super glad.



There is a Table Validator (Reference) which will let you check an input table for a particular set of columns and types. it will either fail or deactivate the output port. You can use it in a series of switches to cycle through the possibiliies. 

Alternatively, you can also use the Extract column header node to pull out the header, and filter to see if any required headers is present (or missing).



Hey David,


thank you very much for your help. Even the normal Table Validator  works out and solves my problem.


BR Mariteemo