Comparisson of a single value in a column, vrs other multiple values in another column

Hello community, I have a situation where I need to compare certain value contained in a column vrs other multiple values located in another column, where if the value of the first column is included in the other column then I need to get a match condition, here is the example

Column A Column B
|74|0|0.00| |74|0|0.00|(17), |70|0|0.00|(2), |54|1|1.65|(1)

as you can see my column A has a set of values that are included in the column B, this last column migth have several other set of values, not limited to a specific number…

any ideas of how can I make this comparisson?

Hello @GQRanalytics,

not sure I follow. Can you share some input and desired output? Possibly in a KNIME workflow?


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