Compiling Knime to run on Raspberry Pi ?

We are exploring the possibility of using Knime with Raspberry Pi 3.

Note: Raspberry Pi 3 is distributed with Raspbian which includes Java.

Eclipse can be installed from Raspbian repository.

We need to fetch the Knime core so that we can compile, etc.

How do we fetch the Knime core elements, etc?




Since KNIME is purely written in Java there is no need to compile anything. You can take the Raspian version of Eclipse (as minimal as possible) and install the "KNIME Analytics Platform" extension from our update site.

Thanks for leading me in the right direction, thor! I’ve installed Eclipse version 3.8 on my 3B+ and from there on tried to install KNIME from the lowest update site i’ve found ( All i got was dependency hell :frowning:
(Trying to install with the 64-bit installer from the download-section didn’t work either.)

Do you have another idea, how i might succeed with installing KNIME on my raspbian running 3B+?
(With 64-bit Ubuntu Mate the installer wont work either - see my profile pic :blush: )

Hi there!

Welcome to KNIME community!

Running KNIME on a Raspi is not supported so can’t help you on this one :frowning:

Perhaps someone else from community can help/advise.


Why are you trying to install such an old version?

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Thanks for the warm welcome and your answer Ivan!

Thanks as well for the question.

I thought the older the version i’m trying to install, the higher the chances of success, since i can’t get a higher Eclipse version than 3.8 running on the raspberry. Thus being said, i just successfully installed the KNIME sources from 3.6, but i still need a hint how to start the environment i’m used to seeing from my previous Windows install.

I wonder if you maybe need to change the eclipse.ini to reflect the Knime.ini from a normal install to get it to load as a knime application?

Sorry I hadn’t thought to check which version of eclipse 3.7 uses.

Thanks again swebb!

I altered the .ini to look like the .ini i get on an Ubuntu install of KNIME- here’s what i altered my Pi ini to:



The 3 empty lines represent code which i left out, since in my opinion it cause to run the whole thing in a VM.They were:
plugins/org.knime.binary… #NOT ON THE SYSTEM ANYWAY

Do you have any hints for me left?

P.S.: No harm taken

It’s referring to the java virtual machine (JVM) so those vm lines will be relevant to you I expect. Certainly the vmargs one is needed.

Do you have a similar named binary in the plugins directory to the one after the - - vm line? I suspect this is the line that trigger the run as a knime application.

You can’t remove -vmargs - it tells Eclipse (KNIME) that all following lines should be passed to the JVM.

Removing the -vm and subsequent line makes sense as it tells E/K to launch with the VM provided in a plugin shipping with KNIME (and so not relevant to your architecture.)

After looking at my knime.ini I agree with qualer the


section isn’t needed.

Under the {eclipse-dir}/configuration directory there is a config.ini file which has the following lines:



I believe this is how eclipse knows to start the knime application.

Thank you both very much!

You’re right, when i put -vmargs back in Eclipse loads.
Nice picture btw!

First post:
No that directory didn’t exist on the pi. (The other reason why i deleted the line)

Second post:
Looking good at first (even displaying the “KNIME boot-picture”) but then crashing with an error.
Since the log is ~300 lines and includes duplicate files, not resolved files and more i’ll call it quits.
(I thought this would be a piece of cake when i read this threads 2nd post plus i don’t have that much spare time at the moment for it, hopefully later this year.)

Nevertheless - thank you guys!