Component - possible to use value of a widget to control visiblity of other widgets?

Hi all,

I have a Component that I have created and I am wondering if it is possible to control the visibility of one widget with the result of another widget?

Referring to the picture below, I have a Single Selection Widget called ‘PC or GL Account’. The values for this are either PC or GL Account.

If the user selects PC, I am wondering if it is possible to only show the PC List Box widget (labelled with a 2). Conversely, if the user selects GL Account, only the GL Accounts List Box widget would be visible (labelled 1).

Is this functionality possible? I am new to Components but I feel like this would be a really useful feature.

Thanks in advance.

Hello taylorpeter55,

Welcome back to the forum!

You can achieve this by using a case switch, where the condition of the switch is based on the previous selection. Please refer to the below screenshot to see how it can be done, you can end the case statement at the end and include further nodes.




I’ve updated my component to use the index from the GL or PC single selection widget (i’ve re-attached my workflow) and also added the Refresh Button Widget as per your screenshot - See below.

However, I still get a very similar result to my previous message.

If I select GL Account and click Refresh, the GL Accounts list box widget appears. This is perfect :slight_smile:

Unfortunately though, if I select PC and click Refresh, the PC List Box Widget does not appear (but the GL Account widget is not displayed).

Is there something that I am overlooking in my workflow (attached)?

ComponentTest_PT.knwf (51.4 KB)

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello taylorpeter55,

I noticed that certain plots are not included in the final view, can you go inside the component, then click on ‘Open Layout Editor’ and include the new views? You should be able to see them once they are included, also you can arrange them anywhere you need.


@k10shetty1 Thanks so much for your help, this worked perfectly :-).

I can’t believe that I forgot to check the layout haha

Thanks again for your help, it’s very much appreciated.



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