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Got another feature request. I’ve been using components and making composite views more frequently lately (they’re super useful!). Although, responsive layout can be a little bit frustrating and there are a couple of things I think may make this easier.


When setting the ratio to 16:9 it doesn’t seems to account one or all of the following when going full screen

  1. Windows start bart
  2. View window frame
  3. Menu (reset, apply, close)

This results in a full screen plot going off the bottom of the visible space (needing to scroll down). So instead I just resize the window as big as I can without going full screen.

Another option is to set a max height (or width):


Though these are set via a pixel value. Would it be possible to have the option to set these values as a %? I think my problem would be solved if i could set the max height and width to 100%?

This would also make the components more shareable with people with different monitor sizes. I can orientate various components based on pixels but this is optimised for my monitor which although 16:9 at 1080p is fairly standard isn’t the only format used in the company.

Or am I just doing it wrong and I can already achieve what I’m after?

I don’t know what the implications of this may be within the web portal, would you need to define the max size of the frame?




Hi @swebb -

Some interesting observations here, thanks! Let me run this by someone on the dev team and see if there is a straightforward workaround. If not, we can use your detailed feedback for a new feature request.

I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,

I think your observations are mainly accurate. When using aspect ratio only the height is determined depending on the width of the view (which is always set to 100%). This can lead to content being smaller or larger than the screen size because no other restrictions are applied to it. Having the iframes be the size or max size of the screen is not an option so far. I have heard this feature request from someone else, so I opened a ticket on our side for it.

Maybe an idea for you to use what is currently possible. I like to create layouts with left and right borders to have centered and smaller content with aspect ratio. Simply create two extra columns and leave them blank.

Remember that when using ‘Auto’ as the resize method the view content needs to determine the size. If the view content uses percentages or other units that refer to the iframe height this will not work properly. Unless of course the iframe size is fixed by setting min and max values to the same number.

Hope this helps.



Hi Christian

Thank you for the info. I think the suggestion with the borders as you suggest will work for most of my use cases, I hadn’t thought of doing that. For others I can probably resolve this with some custom css.

Cheers :slight_smile:


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