Components do not load as pages - only finished workflow

Dear KNIMErs,

I currently take the L3 online course for KNIME (Server).

Whenever I upload a workflow (e. g. this exercise from KNIME from the Hub: Create an interactive dashboard in 3 steps: Netflix dataset – KNIME Hub ) the workflow just executes

But my expectation was that for each component I have created there should be one page (including the layouts I have defined for each component). But my workflow just finishes and doesn’t offer me either the “interaction options” nor the “finished dashboard”.

Feels like I am missing out an essential step here but I don’t know which one?

Thank you.

Did you reset the workflow before upload?

I resetted it after uploading (basically when I right-clicked and chose “Execute…”) - Should I re-up it in a reset state?

Hi @kowisoft - please do reset the WF before uploading and see if that improves things for you. It’s generally a best practice to do so.

There is an option in KNIME AP to do this automatically whenever you upload a WF to the server:

2022-09-28 09_57_30-Destination

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What you did is, resetting only for this single execution. But it will leave the workflow untouched.

You can reset workflows on the server with the option in the context menu as below.


awesome @Iris and @ScottF - that did it. I knew it was somewhere on my end :wink:


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