Components/Metanodes: Share within Workflow?

Hi there,

recently I startet to create some more complex workflows to analyse some data. The tidy up the mess I create Metanodes, like for the creation of diagrams. Quite often I use the Metanodes several times within the Workflow as I want to plot results at different stages within data processing.
Sometimes I want to change some small things like Line Color in my plots so I have to edit all (something like 10+ Metanodes).
In Python/Matlab I would have created a function called “create_plots” at the beginning of my script. And changing line specs would be done within seconds…

I know there is a way to change a Metanode to a Component and share this Component. But it seems that this should be more useful when using Components within multiple Workflows.


Hi Andreas,

I would create a Component as you suggested. When you share the Component (right-click → Component → Share) you can share it relative to the Workflow. Then you can share the component together with the workflow in a workflow group and will only have to change the component in one place. You can even create different Workflow Groups (directories) for different Component types if you’d like.



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