Computation of Business days between two dates for the country Brazil

Can anyone help me to compute business days between two dates for the country Brazil?

Hi Jobimb,

You need to be more clear about this case. Do you have some example/flow to add here and detail your needs?

If you say that you need a range of 2 date, you can use de date&time rage node to set the start and the end date/time and a number of lines to create.


You can sent by flow variables these informations and the result will be a table with lines that you need.

If you need to know if is weekend or not, you can use de date extract node to bring the week name and after that, you can filter with row filter to bring only works day.


You can use the number or name to it.



Thanks Denis, thanks for the quick come back.

I have a table in KNIME with Start date and End Date (Future Date).

I do know how to compute total number of days (End Day - Start Day) between these two Dates.

Here I am looking for the ‘Net working days’ between the start date and End Date after reducing the weekends and public holidays and that too I am looking for the specific country ‘Brazil’.

Is there any way we can compute this result in KNIME?

Hi @Jobimb -

This is a question that comes up a lot, but is not so straightforward since holidays vary so much from country to country.

Maybe you can try this community component and see if it works for you?


Thanks @ScottF

This helped me lot and it is working fine for me. Thank you very much.


Glad to hear it! Thanks go to @natanaeldgsantos in this case :slight_smile:

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