Computation using data from two tables

I have two tables of similar # of rows & columns and a common column (key).  For each of the cells, I would like to compute the quotient of the value from the first table divided by the corresponding value (different param) from the second table.  As an example, you could consider that I'm normalizing data by dividing a system load average by the number of configured CPUs.  

I had considered joining the tables (as they have common columns), but don't know how I could perform the computation for dynamic data that is returned (e.g., system names in a group selected using a quickform).

Thanks in advance for your inputs.  If you need additional information to understand my application, please send me a reply


The Joiner node in conjunction with the Math Formula node should do that. I'm not sure I understand the part with the dynamic data: do you want to group by system names, or filter by them?

A small example dataset might help to understand the problem.