Computational status of a node

Hi all! 

I've been lurking on the forum for a little while now, really useful! But I ran into a thing that I couldn't solve or find on the internet. I built a SVM flow to predict a binary outcome (3 categorical variables with multiple levels each and about 9000 rows of data). So far so good. 

The problem is that the SVM is running for quite a while now with no end in sight. My question is: is there a way to somehow see the status of a node?

Hope somebody is able to help!





Peeking at processes eating memory and/or CPU is something you can do outside of KNIME - and otherwise being patient. *shrug* :-)


It might also help to get a "Node Monitor" view into KNIME. Add it under menu / View / Other, found in the "KNIME Views" group. It doesn't show much, though.

You may or may not have some more luck with increasing the log level under "File / Preferences / KNIME / KNIME GUI", depending on what level of logging detail is implemented in the node in question.


Thank you for your replies Ergonomist! 

The node monitor did not really help me at first sight. What I did find out was that it is possible to hover the cursor over a node and then it displays the current processing time. Since I have my data set split into 10 parts I can get an estimate of the total processing time. It is not perfect but it will do.

Thank you!