Concatenate and keep the row

I have a problem with concatenation, it turns out that I have a table with this information:


And I have another one with this other information



But when I do a concatenate, the table looks like this


And I don’t want it that way, I want the last thing you see to be in row 0 and to match the row in my other table, I don’t know if I made myself understood but what I want is this:


Is that possible?

Can you upload some sample data? Your screenshots are not very clear.

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Hi @Aprins , as per @rfeigel’s comment, it isn’t clear to me either

Is there any relationship between the rows in the two tables?

Where do you get the date “3/1/2024” from? It seems to just appear from nowhere!

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No, the tables are not related, but what I want is for it to look the same as it is in the Excel photo.

Ok, I get that… But you will need to help us to help you. As previously asked, where does the date come from?

I understand and thanks for the help, the data comes from two separate tables, apparently I think it already worked for me by creating a transpose node and then a concatenate…


But I want it as it comes in Excel but I don’t know how to create an empty column

This is what I did


Help on the KNIME Forum is a two way street. If you won’t give us something to work with we can’t help you. Please share your current workflow and data.


@Aprins looks like you want empty columns before you join or append your tables.
You can add Constant value columns to create empty columns to your table and then do the join/append


@Daniel_Weikert, Thanks that works…

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