Concatenate files using KNIME

Hi there

I am trying to concatenate the files that are in a given folder F, by keeping the first line of the first file, but removing the first lines of the remaining files.
Could you advise on how this is possible to do using KNIME? (I did it in matlab easily but for licensing reasons I’m interested in an open source solution)


Hi hinda, There is a node called “Iterate list of file” which becomes visible in the meta node category when the so-called expert mode has been enabled. Provide a file containing a list of all files you want to read in and use the Loop End to concatenate the tables at the end of each iteration, the first line of the first file can later on append manually using the Concatenate node. Hope this helps… Regards, Thomas

Thank you so much Thomas.

Hello everyone, please i have question , i started using KNIME recently, i hava 3 hundred files CSV i want to concatenate them in one file, is it possible ?  thank you 

you'd better do that in command line, if you use Windows:

go to the folder with csv files and use command - copy *.csv all.csv