concatenate files


I use a software that generates multiples csv files. Each files contains 1 column with the same number of rows. It's not very pratical to have all these files so I'd like to put the data in a unique csv file.

Using "List files", "Tablerow to variable loop start", "csv reader and "loop end" nodes I get something like that:

iteration | col0

0          | a

0          | b

1          | c

1          | d

... etc

I'd like to get this:

col0 | col1

a     | c

b     | d

I don't really need to keep the iteration data, but that's okay if in a first time, they are still here.

I thought that using the "pivoting" node would be the solution, but no or I don't use it correctly!

Thanks for any help.


I think, you can use the GroupBy node on the first column as group and do a list aggregation on the second. After this, you split the collection using the Split Collection node and transpose the table.

Works perfectly! Thank you very much!