Concatenate problems

I have four JSON files I want to join together. A friend did two others on Knime and made it look so easy. When I copied his workflow and tried to join 4 databases together, it did not work. I don’t know why. Any help is appreciated.

Workflow attached.
Church_Cossacks.knwf (109.8 KB)

Hi @drrarnold22
In the attached workflow you have 4 json files, but file #1 is not connected to Concantenate node. Then, Concantenate node has 1 unused input port. Please connect JSON Reader church1 node to the 1st input port of Concantenate node.
If this will sove your problem, then great. Otherwise, please specify your problem in more details.
Happy KNIMEing,

Thanks, I actually connected that later but it doesn’t work still. The problem is that the file I copied had one less level of hierarchy in the JSON than this one- so it is concatenating the wrong thing (I think). There should be something like 2000 rows of data, but this is only showing 4 (the 4 files I told it to concatenate). Any ideas welcome.

Church_Cossacks.knwf (111.8 KB)

Sorry, there should actually be 11,000 articles roughly, not 2,000

Sorry for late reply.
I don’t work with json file, thus I’m not sure how to support you. I would only guess, the same structure of files might be important.