Concatenate Tables Horizontally

Which is the best node to concatenate tables horizontally when ROW IDs are not in order and there is no match other than the number of rows like shown in the attached pictures?


Please also consider I am dealing with thousands of lines, so transpose node and then renaming columns doesn’t work in this sense.

Thanks in advance

Hi @asilbozz

I don’t understand your question very well. Does order matter? Is there a key to match the tables? May you can some sample input data and desired output.

If order is not important (or if the tables are already sorted some way), use the Concatenate node.


Hi @HansS

Yes, It matters. Both tables are actually in the right order, the only issue is to bring them together in the same order. Concatenate doesn’t work since row IDs are not corresponding.

Hey @asilbozz,

check the node “Column Appender” and try the following config…

In case you have a different number of rows for any of your input tables, the other columns will have missing values in the corresponding rows.

Hope this helps, Tommy


Hi @tommy

Thanks for the hint, It worked out



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