concatenate the columns in the table

Hi @bruno29a,

Good Day,

Hi Bruno,

Good Day,

  1. I want to change the format of the highlighted Date column from MMDDYYYY to YYYYMMDD format

  1. After format change I want to merge the below highlighted columns.

NOTE: All the above results required in the same table.
Please help me how to achieve this result.

Subramanyam Kinthada.

Hi @Subramanyam , for the 2nd question, what do you mean by “merge”? Like join them together? What would be the separator? Space? Comma?

May be you can show what the expected result of the merge should be.

Hi @bruno29a

join the columns and the output of the columns as like below

20030856910701202220220508PGT without any spaces or comma or any delimiters after the First query complete.

Thanks for confirming @Subramanyam . The other thing that you confirmed also is the order of the columns in the merge.

However, I believe you meant this:
instead of this:

Is that correct? (you mentioned that the merge is done after the format change)

So, for #1, the format change, you can use this expression via the String Manipulation:
join(substr($Docum$, 4), substr($Docum$, 0, 2), substr($Docum$, 2, 2))

This will change:
To this:

But you can do both #1 and #2 in the same expression, like this:

   , join(substr($Docum$, 4), substr($Docum$, 0, 2), substr($Docum$, 2, 2))
   , $arrival$

Note: I could not see your complete column name, so you need to replace the correct names in the expressions.


Hi @bruno29a

Thanks a lot. It worked fine.

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