Concatenate two tables

I need help to concatenate two tables. I’m not sure if I should use the node Concatenate or process the data differently.

The case is that I need to investigate when a customer place an order and buys tickets to an event according to the date of the event. The purpose is to examine when tickets are sold to certain event genres.

I have two data sets containing data from the same period. The first data set is a list of events and contains event ID, title of event and genre of event. The second data set is a list of customers and contains date of order, date of event and event ID.

So here is my question: How can I concatenate the two data sets in order to examine how many days before the event a customer has bought a ticket, and thus examine when customers buy tickets to certain genres.

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Hi @Fiona -

This sounds like a task for the Joiner node. You probably just need to join to the two tables based on event ID, and then do some calculations based on days between the date of order and date of event.

See this simple workflow for a Joiner example:*J5syr4SuK7Dts2Xr


Thank you so much! It solved my problem.


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