concatenate two text files without the empty columns

Hi Team,

I have two Text files and I wanna concatenate both the text files into one file. When I tried to combine the result consists of empty columns. could you please help me in resolving the issue.

Hi @Subramanyam , I’m not sure I understand what the issue is…

Can you show us some example of what you are trying to do, and what the results you are getting and what the results you expected to have?

Hi Bruno,

First Step:

I would like to join the below column (first screenshot) to the table(second screenshot)


I have joined the table and column using Joiner node and my result is as below.

But I want the result in a single row. Please help me.


can someone help me. It is a high priority.

Appreciate your quick response.

Hi @Subramanyam , thanks for the screenshot.

What are you joining on though? And what type of joins are you trying to do?

I can think of only 2 ways to have this on the same row:

  1. Joining on a field that’s common to and have matching values in both tables (it does not seem to be the case with the data you presented)
  2. A cross join

But you need to understand how cross join works. If you only have these 2 records from these 2 tables, then it’s fine. Otherwise, this can be quite a lot of records and a lot of filtering to do after.

Table 1:

Table 2:

After cross-joining:

Alternatively, if it’s only 1 value for prediction, you can convert it to a variable, and then add it as a column using the Constant Value Column

Here’s the alternative way:

That’s how the Constant Value Column is configured:

I pass the variable Prediction as value:



Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the quick response.

I will try the above methods and will get back to you if its not working.

Hi Bruno,

Good Day,

  1. I want to change the format of the highlighted Date column from MMDDYYYY to YYYYMMDD format

  1. After format change I want to combine the columns below highlighted columns.

Please help me how to achieve this result.

Subramanyam Kinthada.

Hi @Subramanyam , might be better to ask your new question as a new thread, since it’s a different question and not related to the question of this thread.

It would be nice to also know if the proposed solution to the original question worked or not, and if it did, you can mark the proper post as solution.

You should also use the @TheUser when writing to someone so that the user is notified. I was not notified about your message. I simply checked the thread cause I saw that a new message was posted since my last visit.

I’m not sure I understand what “combine” means here… Can you show us what the expected result would be when they are combined?

EDIT: Thanks for moving this question to a new thread, which is concatenate the columns in the table

Hi @bruno29a ,

Thanks for the last solution. It worked fine. I have used the cross joiner.

Thanks a lot.

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