Concatenating multiple entries by user

 Hi, I have some data and want to transform it.

Assume I have this:

User email Action
user1 action1
user1 Action2
user2 action4
user2 action10
user3 action7

Then get to the users with more than 1 action with a groupby and row filter:

User email # actions
user1 2
user2 2

But I really want to concatenate those actions in another column too:

User email # actions Actions
user1 2 action1; action2
user2 2 action4; action10

How can I do this?

Thank you.

What if you select the "Unique concatenate" manual aggregation method on the 'Actions'-column in the GroupBy-node? Does this give the desired result?

Yes, Thank you! Here it is for others:

Line Plot