Concatenating rows from several files


I have a folder with several text files with the same structure (web logs) and would like to read them into one KNIME table. Trying to do this with recursive loop, however I get an error: “Execute failed: Loop End is not connected to matching/corresponding Recursive Loop Start node.”

The idea is that I firstly get the list of all files, start the loop, read the first file, output it through recursive loop end, and continue looping for the rest of the list.


Ahh, I used Table Row To Variable Loop Start instead of Table Row To Variable

Hi garrard

If I understand your requirements correctly, you definitely don’t want a recursive loop end at all in this situation.

Starting with what you have captured above…

  1. remove the recursive loop start and row splitter.
  2. Connect your List Files to the Table Row to Variable Loop Start
  3. Replace you recursive loop end with a regular loop end.

Let us know how you got on.

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Maybe this example from the hub could help you

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Thanks stratlytic and mlauber71, it works as you described. It works with recursive loop, too, but it’s more complicated, and I didn’t test for the speed, neither for memory consumption.

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